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What a Naturopath does

When we hear the word Naturopath, we feel the first part of the word gives us a clue as to what it's all about, but 'path' is where it gets confusing.

So here we look to give more of an insight into the practices and the benefits of seeing a naturopath over a regular medical doctor.

In recent years Naturopaths have been able to shake off the very archaic views of people associating it almost with witchcraft or the like. Fortunately today science is re-discovering many of the traditional medicines used by the ancient Chinese, Greeks and Arabs who were equally effective in treating many of the diseases and ailments we have today without the need for manufactured synthetic medicine we have become accustomed to.

Although let's make one thing clear a Naturopath is not able to cure many things that a hospital can; however there are alternatives, that are cheaper and less stressful for dealing with many of the ailments we incur on a regular basis.

So what does a Naturopath do?

A focus on the mind and relaxation can help immensely, recent science is discovering more and more ailments to be stress and anxiety related so concentrating on bringing you back to a homeostatic state reaching stability is the main starting point. Your equilibrium can be achieved through various means from dietary changes, herbal medicine, natural nutrient supplements and above all simple lifestyle changes at work and home. If you live in Adelaide and want to seek out more about Naturopathy Adelaide click here.

Here are some of today most common reasons for seeing a Naturopath:

Fertility treatment for both men and women

Reducing stress and anxiety

Immune system boosting

Sleep deprivation

Gut related issues


Skin complaints

Weight loss and control

Also, bear in mind any treatment plan has to have an equal effort and input from the patient, naturopaths are not magicians, follow their advice, and you stand a better chance of natural recovery than putting even more strain on your body through the use of synthetic medicine, of which many diseases are now resistant too.

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