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What Is Leadership Development?

Leadership development can be applied in two configurations: individual leadership growth and collective leadership growth.

As defined, leadership development refers to some method or action that intends to enhance the quality of leadership in an individual or a person heading a company. You can browse for leadership growth plan.

Before, leadership development tasks are very stiff, formal and rigorous because the men and women who are conducting them need to make sure that everything ought to be in an official setting.

The leadership development actions before were only confined to Masters in Business Administration (MBA) design programs that are usually offered in prestigious universities and business schools.

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But now, the trends in leadership development have changed to a more laid back and private preference. Even though there is still the serious and formal component of it, many men and women who run it are integrating different means to motivate the participants to consciously join the sessions.

A few of the trends in leadership development these days include action learning that uses movements in teaching leadership principles. Others make use of paths, experience courses in addition to high-ropes to help participants discover their internal leadership abilities.

There are also people who indulge in executive retreats believing these busy men and women need a quiet and serene environment to reflect on their issues and hopefully, come out as better individuals and improved leaders.