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Facts about Tropical Rainforests


Rainforest is best described as the place for rainfall. Consisting of tall and dense forest trees, it is known to be the oldest living ecosystem. Many of us go to a rainforest location to have fun, find solitude and experience the nature. However, not many people know facts about the rainforest. These are few facts you should know about the rainforest before a rainforest retreat.

  • About 50% of plants and animals live in rainforest. However, the unique fact about this is that only about 2% of the total surface area of earth is covered by rainforest.
  • Rainforests receives the highest amount of rainfall.
  • Rainforests are found in many countries such as South America, Alaska, Canada, Asia, Africa and Latin America.
  • Antarctica is the only continent where you will not find a rainforest because of the climatic conditions.
  • The world’s temperature and weather patterns are all regulated by the rainforest. Rainforests play a massive role in maintaining the supply of drinking and fresh water.
  • Rainforests have helped discover around 25% of the natural medicines.
  • Various species of plants and animals will be found within a few square miles of the rainforest. Some of the plants are known to fight disease such as cancer.
  • Rainforests face a lot of threats from practices like logging, mining, ranching and agriculture.
  • The area of rainforests is on decline because of deforestation.
  • Various medicinal products and other items like coffee, cocoa and timber are produced by the rainforest.

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