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Basic Steps In Filing A Property Tax Appeal

Everyone who owns a property would be taxed by the government depending on the assessed value they have for it. But sometimes the amount is more than what your house is actually worth and you might be paying more than what your actual due is. If you think the assessment for your home is higher that it supposed to be then immediately challenge it.

Challenging it may let you save a few hundred dollars worth of taxes that you are paying to your local government. There are certain steps you must follow if you want your Texas property tax appeal to be successful and lower your annual dues. This includes knowing and understanding the assessment process and how it works.

This could be done by researching the tax rates in you are and how is the market value is determined for a property. Other things you should know are the frequency which they assess their worth and the ways they are being calculated. The office of local assessor usually has a website where you can find this information but if they do not have one then call them.

Check for errors on your current tax assessment which is on your property card or worksheet, and if you do not have a copy, look it up online or get one from the assessor. When you already have it with you, go over each line to determine if there are some mistakes. This includes lot size, square footage, number of bathrooms and bedrooms and other details.

These details must be accurately recorded since they determine the value of your house in the fair market and correcting the errors is important. You could also look up the cards of your neighbors online or request for one since these are all public records. Compare your home with those similar ones to yours and gauge if your property is assessed fairly.

If the research you have done has resulted in you finding discrepancies and errors which you feel you can use in making a case for lower assessment then find out how the process for appealing works. Some offices let you schedule informal appointment. Others require you to formally file an appeal.

Either way, knowing what forms and evidences you are required to submit for your case is important. Though you should act quickly because most governments gives you only sixty days to file for an appeal. Gather the evidence which can help you when appealing for the assessment like when you found errors on your card.

Provide the documents which could back up and support your claim like your house blueprint or survey done to your home. If you are appealing because you think your property were assessed higher than other similar properties then show the sales records and tax cards for these comparable homes. You must give at least five of the which were sold within last year

Carefully read over the forms to ensure they have been correctly filled out. Make sure all required documents were gathered as well. Then create copies of your records and submit these to them.