Piermont Grand nearby amenities and surrounding

There are numerous members of St Andrew’s alumni having an issue with Potong Pasir development, CDL Limited has submitted for new names. This property developer traced by from origin had submitted a few names selection such as The Andrew Residences and The Andrew Village. It has both condominium project and shopping mall. However, the new derived names have yet to be revealed and pending for approval from the authorities. They are going Piermont Grand EC.

Several Saint Andrew alumni members had submitted to the project developer and authorities and emotions that naming has for a commercial development in Sturdee Road by SL Capital Condo. This is a name which was closely linked to the public and was corroding away the history of the school in the process. This could be read more from https://www.piermontgrands.com.sg

As mentioned earlier by Channel NewsAsia, the project’s street name and building name was made aware of the condo’s comments and doing research on the issue that could be raised from Sturdee Road Condo. St Andrew’s Village is the official construction for 2 St Andrew’s schools. There are also residential home to 3 kindergarten, churches, and also the home for the Anglican Diocesan Office.

The position of MCC Land’s new shopping condo with the shopping mall and condo development isAGFHGFGYTRFYRTYTYRTY just fairly near to the St Andrew’s Village. It is targeting that the condo to hand over in 2019. The projected sales is SL Capital Sustained Land development to begin gearing to year’s end.